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Bubbly V-Day Picks

Posted February 8th, 2012

from Eli, Lover of Bubbles

Well, my fancy friends, Valentine’s Day is upon us and I have some advice regarding sparkling wines for all of you who really want to enjoy it in a fancy kind of way.  And at the end of this, some bubbly recommendations for those of you that want to enjoy it in a not-so-fancy kind of way.
The Lini 910 sparkling wines have been my favorite for a while. The bottles are nice, they remind me of some sort of debaucherous roman party… So, if that is at all in line with the theme for how you’re celebrating, it could be the wine for you. The Bianco is dry and super light with floral aromas. Pair it with oysters (jealous!) or simply-prepared sole. You can also use it to make fancy cocktails!  The Lini 910 Rose is darker than most still or sparkling roses and has aromas of tart red fruit. It’s fruity and light-bodied. Broiled Mussels with Hot Paprika Sauce? I would personally pair it with lamb chops or a strong sausage dish with cabbage salad. I’m also a huge fan of the Lini 910 just as a regular wine; I really enjoy that it’s a red and the bubbles make it feel fancier, and it goes really well with all kinds of food. (Lini 910 Sparkling Rose $15.99 Lini 910 Labrusca Bianco $15.99)
On the more typical sparkling end, we have Cantina Pizzolato Prosecco. Pardon me for quoting an expert, but sometimes I have a hard time figuring out how to describe a wine: “This is a sweet style of Prosecco with a luminous appearance and grassy-herbal notes followed by white peach, honey and jasmine”. It’s a great deal at $11.99 and my food recommendations are stuffed mushrooms, anything with creamy sauce or any kind of curry or asian meal.
The Secco Italian Rose and White sparklings are what I intend to buy if I find myself doing anything fancy (y’know, like celebrating Oregon’s birthday!). The White has notes of flowers, apples and peaches with a dry finish. This one goes well with hard and soft cheese, olives, smoked salmon and pretty much any meat. The Rose has notes of rose petals and cherry and raspberry, but it’s also dry. I recommend pairing it with chocolate, fruit, goat cheese, or with a seafood meal.
Not-So-Fancy Picks:
Okay, so maybe you don’t care, or you kinda just care a little bit that it’s Valentine’s Day. Like you wanna do something but you don’t wanna have to try to hard.  You’re just gonna eat some mac n’ cheese with your sweetie or best friend or roomate or cat. But you want something to make it feel like a holiday celebrating love…
or Oregon’s birthday.Here’s what I’ve got for you:
Southern Oregon Brewing Black Heart Stout ($3.99 for 22 oz.): ”Black Heart Imperial Stout is startlingly rich and complex as its  roasted, chocolaty malt aromas and flavors are balanced perfectly with Warrior hops. A slight alcohol heat lends a spice to this mammoth beer which finishes with a creamy smooth texture on the palate.  Black Heart is full of body and not for the faint of heart.” — Southern Oregon Brewing Co. This is beautiful and tasty! Dark and smells delicious!
Julian Cherry Bomb Cider ($6.99 for 22 oz.): You may have read my review a few enews’ ago, or stopped by last week when I was sampling this stuff out, but if not, trust me – it is really amazing! Pretty much everyone I sampled it to said it would be the perfect thing to share with somebody. It is TART and not sweet at all, but tastes so strongly of cherries. And the color is the best brightest pink ever.